Research links and Solution artifacts


Curriculum Artifacts

  1. Classroom Organizational Guides: Provide information on effectively organizing a STEM robotics Classroom. (View sample Classroom Organization Guide)
  2. FAQ’s and Checklists: Provide information on frequently asked questions and checklists for organizing and running a robotics classroom. (View sample FAQ and Checklist)
  3. Course Pacing Guide: A detailed, sequential timeline of learning that includes module topic, description, objectives, standards, and session times. (View sample Pacing Guide)
  4. Teacher Notes: Detailed instructional and learning information for each individual learning module. The teacher notes include: overview, objectives, required resources, estimated class time, real world connection, step by step instructions, troubleshooting tips, reflective questions, discussion questions, enhancements, additional resources and references. (View sample Teacher Notes: Asteroid 2012JN4)
  5. Student Challenges and Activities: Detailed student information required to complete challenge activities in each of the learning modules. The student challenge includes: goals, objectives, materials list, background information, step by step instructions, reflection questions and references. (View sample Enrichment Activity)
  6. Resource Guides: Detailed information on the available resources for each course. (View a list of resources in a sample Classroom Organization Guide)
  7. Videos: Short informative movie clips directly related to the content. (View sample video: Asteroid 2012 JN4 Rover)
  8. Reference Documents and other Supporting Tools: Informative documents for programming functions and sensors. (View sample Reference Document: Scaffolding Tool)
  9. Assessment Tools: Tools to help teachers automatically track student progress and provide differentiated instruction. (View Course Tracking screenshot)

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